Pitfalls to Beware of with Contractor General Liability Insurance

Pitfalls to Beware of with Contractor General Liability Insurance

When making improvements to your home, you will most likely need to hire a general contractor.  Mistakes regarding their California contractors bond or contractors’ general liability insurance can end up costing you a lot of money if proper coverage is not in place.

Here are a few pitfalls to beware of with contractor general liability insurance:

Are your contractors licensed and covered by insurance?

“Are you insured and Bonded?” Should always be the first question to ask before hiring a general contractor. Hiring an unlicensed contractor may end up nullifying your home insurance in case anything goes wrong. Licensed contractors are listed by your local licensing board. All licensed contractor records are available for you to verify.

Does the policy run for the entire period of construction?

If your remodeling project is estimated to run for a couple of weeks, then your contractor’s policy should at least run for the same number of weeks. Otherwise, if anything happens after the insurance policy expires, then you will legally be liable for it.

In the same vein, the general contractor’s liability insurance should provide coverage in the event you have any issues with your home after remodeling.

Does the insurance policy cover injury and theft?

Construction sites are dangerous places. Damage can come in many different ways. The contractor’s general insurance policy should include possible injury to other people in the vicinity. For example, if a passer-by gets injured by a construction tool, then the insurance policy should be able to provide their compensation. If it does not, you, as the home owner, will be liable for it.

Similarly, the policy should protect you from losses in case of theft. This is very common on construction sites since there are usually many valuable items lying around.

You should also check whether the general contractor’s insurance policy covers their subcontractor and any damage to your property. In general, you need to find out what the insurance policy covers, and what you might have to account for if things do not exactly go your way.

Is the contractor’s liability insurance limit high enough to cover possible costs?

This is another question which many homeowners seem to ignore. The contractor may be covered by an insurance policy, but then have a very small insurance limit. You need to consider the cost of possible risks and find out whether you are taking in too much risk by hiring the said contractor.

Best Websites To Market Your Construction Company Online

Best Websites To Market Your Construction Company Online


Online Marketing for Contractors 

Nothing can be challenging like getting the word out there about your construction company, considering that there are already so many construction companies that are clamoring for client attention.

In today’s modern world, after a construction company has their contractor bond in place and they are ready to do business many have realized that the internet offers the most direct link between them and potential clients. No wonder there are so many places where construction companies, big and small alike, can market themselves online. The good thing about marketing your construction company online is that it can be extremely cost effective and you can reach millions of potential clients within no time. Here are some of the best websites where you can market your construction company online.


This is by far one of the best websites that can help you market your construction company online effectively and cost effectively. The best way to use this platform to market your business is by creating a company’s profile and then post news about your company on a regular basis. You can also join construction groups to connect with people who are highly likely to show interest in your company and the services you offer. LinkedIn will not just help you market your company, but it can also help you connect with leaders from the industries and learn a thing or two from them. Having a full company’s profile on this network can significantly boost your chances of landing professional clients. With millions of active users, LinkedIn can prove to be an abundant source of repeat clients if used effectively.


While many see Yelp as a mere social review site, this popular site can, however, prove to be a valuable marketing tool if utilized properly. Having a profile of your construction company on this site can help you get clients faster and easier. By virtue of your company appearing on this site, it gives your company credibility, and thus serious clients are more likely to get in touch with you. If you already have a couple of loyal clients or people whom you have previously worked with, you can direct them to your company’s profile and request them to give positive reviews for your company. The more positives reviews you have, the higher your chances of landing more repeat clients.


As the king of social media and currently boasting hundreds of millions of active daily users, Facebook is thus an incredibly powerful marketing tool for construction companies and businesses of all types. To get started with marketing your company on this website, start with creating a company’s page and then build your follower base. The more followers you have, the better because it means that more people will learn more about your business. Still, you can post ads about your company so as to boost its visibility online.


YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing network in the world, thus making it another valuable online marketing medium for businesses. In today’s world, people have little time to read long posts and lengthy texts. They prefer videos because they take a little time and effort to watch. Therefore, creating compelling videos about your company and uploading them on YouTube can help millions of people who browse this video-sharing website learn about your company.

Marketing your construction company online can save you costly advertisement expenses and also help you reach a vast audience within no time. With so many places where you can market your business online, nothing can stop you from getting the word out there about your construction company.

Why You Need to Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer to Fight For Your Rights

Why You Need to Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer to Fight For Your Rights


Look for a Family Law Expert

No matter what the reasons for your divorce, trying to struggle through without the help of a divorce attorney can make the entire process much more difficult and drawn out than it needs to be. Going through a divorce is a very nerve-wrecking experience. You need all the positive energy and support you can get from all your friends and family. This burden becomes much lighter when you hire a specialist like the divorce lawyer San Diego who can deal with all the legal work, leaving you to concentrate on your well-being and that of your children.

If you are involved in a divorce or thinking about it, here are some of the main benefits to hiring a right divorce attorney.

1. Knowledge and understanding of the law. If you hire the right divorce attorney, finding someone who has extensive experience in family law or divorce cases, you have an advocate on your side who knows how to navigate the entire process. Without this person, you may be missing out on important information that could help your case simply because you do not know the laws.

2. Help with the paperwork. Of the many things that you will need to think about during a divorce, paperwork is usually not the one on the top of your mind. However, one missed deadline or a form that is filled out incorrectly can cost you a lot in your divorce proceedings, and may even drag out the process longer than necessary. Instead, hire a divorce attorney who knows what needs to be filled out and filed, and when, and can help you stay on top of deadlines to ensure the smoothest case possible.

3. Guidance and advocacy. If you have questions, you need to get advice, or you are having trouble in any area of the divorce, a good attorney will be available as your advocate in and out of the court, helping you to understand the process and know what to expect.

4. Custody and other contentious issues. An experienced divorce attorney has likely seen just about everything when it comes to contentious issues in a divorce, especially children. Without the attorney, you would be on your own to try and get full or partial custody of children. You may think that this is something you could handle on your own, but in many cases, the consequences of losing time with your children because you didn’t have an experienced attorney is a big risk to take.

5. Keep costs down. While it may seem strange that an attorney-who you have to pay-can help you keep costs down, it can be true in some cases. If something goes wrong in your case and you have no attorney, paying one to fix the mess and help get you back on track can be even more expensive in the long run.

There are many benefits to hiring a divorce attorney, and once you have an advocate on your side, getting through the divorce should be even easier.Achieving the desired results for clients is among the factors that drive attorneys at the firm. The divorce lawyer will fight relentlessly for custody of your children if that is what you desire. The divorce lawyer will strive to get you the property you wish for from your marriage. They are the best lawyers who can fight for your rights during your divorce.

Top 3 WordPress Themes for SEO Agencies

Top 3 WordPress Themes for SEO Agencies

The main characteristic of all great websites is not their content quality nor is it their ability to generate revenue. Rather, it’s their ability to attract viewers and captivate their attention.

It’s important to create a website that interacts well with your target market. If you’re a search engine optimization agency, these three WP themes will be a great choice for your website:


SEO Company is a reliable, clever and innovative WordPress theme for suited SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies.

It has a minimal interface that keeps the visitors focused and concentrated on the content without any distractions. It provides a highly readable design that is suitable for all demographics.

This theme can also take pride in being free of any major bugs. This crucial for an SEO agency that values functionality above all other characteristics

With the addition of the Whiteboard feature that allows you to present your content in an innovative and aesthetic fashion, it is no surprise that this Theme is one of the most highly rated themes in the last few years.


This is a theme that excels regarding quality it gives to the website. It gives the website a very professional look that is sure to present you as a highly authoritative agency.

The online template builder tool allows you to make on page customization and improvement that matches your personal preferences. But if you don’t have enough time, you can use one of the 18 fantastic pre-made demos. This will allow you to complete the website design in a matter of minutes.

The theme is also very optimized for handheld devices and offers great browsing experience by eliminating resizing difficulties for your visitors with Smartphones and similar devices.


IF you are looking for a WordPress theme that will provide a great amount of flexibility and that is specifically designed for SEO companies, then SEO WP is a great choice for you. It offers countless page designs, footer layouts, and header styles. It is very easy and straightforward to use as it was intended for everybody, not just the programmers.

The Theme provides a real time customizer which allows you to see the changes as they are created. This tool will boost your creativity and save you lots of time. This theme is relatively cheap, but you can purchase additional plugins at a price.

Another great thing about the theme is that it is updated very often and never stagnates.

Grow Your Home Cleaning Business with Online Marketing

Grow Your Home Cleaning Business with Online Marketing


The advent of e-commerce and online marketing was a sure sign that anyone could effortlessly start up their preferred business at the comfort of their home. Looking back, it is amazing just how this has been made a reality, and there are even movements that seek to help people quickly start their online business. It does not take much effort starting and growing your own home business although there are various things you will probably need to learn as your enterprise expands. Here are a few insights on how a Sydney cleaning company grew their business with online marketing:

Accelerated Growth for your Cleaning Company

Are you interested in finding techniques you can use to help your new business pick up quickly? If you are, then it is also important that you learn the facets of home cleaning businesses. In the simple description, cleaning business may involve the provision of cleaning products (cleansers, detergents, mops, buckets, vacuum cleaners…) or services (outsourced janitors, consultation services, natural alternatives idea generation…). Regardless of which one you choose to pursue, both can be heavily impacted by online marketing. All you need to do is start the business and then use online marketing to get more customers for your offers.

Internet Marketing Basics

Learning how to grow your home cleaning business with online marketing is simple yet involving. If you little business expansion ideas, it may be important to learn a few things about websites, marketing campaigns and social media marketing. The popular ways to grow your business include the following;

• Using SEO and websites for improved traffic

Do you have a website for your cleaning business? If you don’t, it is time to quickly build a professional-looking website filled with quality information and product/service descriptions, and then optimize the site for search engines. You will be able to tap more traffic if your pages appear on the first page of results.

• Advertise on social media

If you have noticed, Facebook now provides ads just like Google does when users perform searches. Advertising exposes your business to more people, and you can also build your social media pages to conveniently manage communications. Note that social media are designed for social interactions and should not be overly business-oriented.

• Use YouTube videos and ads

You can create simple short DIY video clips illustrating how your products are used and integrate back links to your website for further information. People love videos, and this will also improve your credibility.

• PPC and marketing campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is one way to get your business known. Google charges a small fee for showing your ads in particular keyword searches, and you gain more traffic (potential sales) as well as views in return.


To learn fast, you need to quickly grasp the concept of an online market which unravels in various forms. It involves advertising (offering) your products and services to a large number of online users via a website, an affiliate site or even through multi-level marketing. Millions of people spend time searching for information, products, and services, or even social relations and hangouts online. You can tap this traffic and carefully guide them to your pages and products. Take full advantage of the various business systems and service applications offered to help you with communication, transaction processing, accounting and business analytics among other operations.

Run Your Business More Efficiently with Smartphones in 2017

Run Your Business More Efficiently with Smartphones in 2017


Every New Year is full of resolutions, which are just a way of setting goals and taking a further step in life. If you are an entrepreneur, a small scale business person or looking forward to starting one this year; we’ve got some good news for you. Take this challenge and make it a resolution!

With ever evolving technology, many developments have been achieved within the Smartphone industry; however, many of us have not yet realized the practical side of these gadgets as far as business is a concern. There are hundreds of ways in which you can transform your business to the next level using the best smartphones.

From the variety of business-oriented apps, proper data handling, flexible payment process to efficient communication and networking; the Smartphone technology has more to offer in the business sector. There are thousands of apps in the market, all oriented to different types of business. You can choose the best of accounting, payroll, marketing and sales apps that suit your business firm the most.

Regarding data handling, your Smartphone will keep your records digitally; saving time and production cost altogether. Here you will get rid of paperwork, and you’ll have all the data in your fingertips hence efficient management.

Communication is Easier With Smartphones

Communication in every business sector is considered one of the most import aspects. It’s through communication that you can persuade your potential customers and attract their attention to purchasing your products and services. With your Smartphone, you can attend to instant messages, emails and even go a further step to advertise and market your products and services in some of the social media platforms; such as Twitter and Facebook.

Smartphones allow real-time communication which you can use with your clients, staff or other business partners. This helps in delivering business benefits in some ways. The customer support service will improve, and this boosts the productivity of your business. With video conferencing for example; you can make presentations to consumers, help them check out their products during the order processing and packaging or even interacting with colleagues while away for business meetings.

When it comes to the world of commerce, you can do nearly everything with your Smartphone. Through the modern technology, mobile ticketing, vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards can be accessed through the virtual token sent to mobile phones. Here, you will help serve the customers more efficient and faster; promoting growth within your firm.

If you are in the entertainment industry, Smartphone remains as relevant as it is to any other businesses out there. Purchasing of content and delivering of full-length music tracks, video games, wallpapers, ringtones, eBooks and even 3D imaging is made possible through the Smartphone technology. The other wide sector is the mobile banking services where the customers will make purchases and pay using their mobile phones. This transaction is two-way allowing you to interact with your bank account linked to your phones’ account.

There are many other ways in which the Smartphone technology retains its relevance to any of your business setup. Staying updated is another advantage of using a Smartphone since you can access the internet, learn and get the latest news in the business world. From here you can predict the performance of your business and make the necessary adjustments. Owning a Smartphone is a worth an investment in the first place and using it to run your business is one way of taking it to greater heights.

Important Tips you need to know for Building Confidence in Digital Business

Important Tips you need to know for Building Confidence in Digital Business

Many companies that experience success in their first attempts of transforming their business into a digital one consider that they are on the right path and that there is nothing that can go wrong. But here is the thing with beginner’s luck, it doesn’t last, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of your strategies and your approach. But before you start to lose any hope, here are things that you need to pay attention to if you want to build your confidence and represent your online business in such way that it’s immediately recognized.

Surround Yourself with Successful Contacts

You are, in a way, represented by those around you. And the best way to make your business recognized in the early stages of becoming successful is to make contacts with similar businesses that already made their reputation. There are many ways that you can do this, but what you need to avoid doing is reaching out to your contacts that you had made before you started a digital business. This is a completely different dimension that the one you were in when you didn’t involve online means of expanding your business. So don’t be afraid to show eagerness to learn new stuff as that is the way you’ll get noticed by successful and willing-to-help companies.

Your Strategy

Perfect Your Strategy

Once you are aware of the flaws and qualities of your strategies you won’t have anything to fear in presenting your product or service. You’ll feel more confident about providing your services to unknown contact. Once you understand this you’re bound to improve you reputation in a short period of time with little or no effort. Every move that you make in this business world will add to your reputation and before you know it you’ll make a name for yourself.

The path of Success

If you ever lose confidence in the quality of your ways of doing business online, look up and see what other major companies that are on top right now, did when they were in initial stages of development. Learning about their moves will make you understand that everyone is allowed to make a few mistakes and that the most important thing we can do is learn from them.

Digital Business

Digital Business

No matter in what line of business you are, now all of a sudden you have a big decision ahead of you. Should you decide to transform your business into a digital one or stay on the familiar terrain, the choice is yours. Many businesses prefer to go into the uncharted and risk their hard earned reputation by expanding their business to online market. And with technology evolving on a daily basis, online opportunities are on the rise. So if you are resolved in stepping into the unknown terrain of digital business here are some advice to make your attempt a successful one.

Invest your time in SEO research

Probably the most important thing that you need to know about expanding your business or transforming it into a digital business is search engine optimization. Your office is your blog or website and how many customers you attract to it depends on your understanding of SEO. Learn how to represent your ideas, services, and products and increase the traffic of your website. It all comes down to arranging the content that you have so that it catches the attention of potential customers. You can look online for tutorials or go about it in a more professional way and invest in courses that will teach you and your team what SEO is really about.

SEO research

Product Placement and Targeting Audience

The next step involves getting to know the market and your competition. How well you understand the techniques and strategies that the competition around you conducts depends on how successful you’ll become. If you have a set of services or products that you are offering, make sure that they are different in more than one way than the ones from your competition. Also, there is the matter of providing your products to the right audience. So make sure that you target your local audience firsts before expanding your business and reach for everything else. Your local audience will present you in the right way and improve your reputation if you pay attention to their needs. Now that you got a few leads on how to make your digital business recognized you can start investing money and time in it.

Child online safety in the developing world

Child online safety in the developing world

There is no doubt that internet is a place where your kid can learn plenty of useful stuff and find information about everything that he or she considers interesting at that age. But here the problem, internet can also be a dangerous place for your child. So, in order to protect them from certain influences and dangers of using internet at that age, we as parents must intervene and put restrictions on their internet. But how do we do this?

Social Media and Posting Content

The best way to keep track of your kid’s posts on social media is to become their friends. And no this doesn’t mean that you should send friend and follow request to every account they own on Facebook or Instagram. Once they post something online, that content is available for everyone to see. By the time you realize what they’ve done, and they erase that controversial content or profile on a social network, their posts already got a number of views. You need to give them a good advice every once in a while. They are extremely curious at this age and every information that they receive they absorb like a sponge. So talk to them about the message they are sending when they post pictures of themselves on social media and how they represent themselves to others.

Dangerous Ads and Websites

consulting with your kidsThere are many ways your kid can get access to questionable content and topics that are considered taboo. Violence and pornography are something that your kid needs to avoid and the best way to restrict them from getting to this content that can be in any form of media and video games, as well is install parental control program on their computer. This way if they ever mention the topic of restricted content, it will mean that they are onto something and that you need to talk about why they want to find out about that specific thing or go to a specific website. In most cases, they won’t mention it and simply continue to browse online for other content avoiding the forbidden one.
To fully control their online browsing and reaching specific content, you can combine parental control with consulting with your kids. Once they realize why a specific content and actions are harmful they will stay away from it, provided that you explain exactly why it’s bad for them.