Child online safety in the developing world

Child online safety in the developing world

There is no doubt that internet is a place where your kid can learn plenty of useful stuff and find information about everything that he or she considers interesting at that age. But here the problem, internet can also be a dangerous place for your child. So, in order to protect them from certain influences and dangers of using internet at that age, we as parents must intervene and put restrictions on their internet. But how do we do this?

Social Media and Posting Content

The best way to keep track of your kid’s posts on social media is to become their friends. And no this doesn’t mean that you should send friend and follow request to every account they own on Facebook or Instagram. Once they post something online, that content is available for everyone to see. By the time you realize what they’ve done, and they erase that controversial content or profile on a social network, their posts already got a number of views. You need to give them a good advice every once in a while. They are extremely curious at this age and every information that they receive they absorb like a sponge. So talk to them about the message they are sending when they post pictures of themselves on social media and how they represent themselves to others.

Dangerous Ads and Websites

consulting with your kidsThere are many ways your kid can get access to questionable content and topics that are considered taboo. Violence and pornography are something that your kid needs to avoid and the best way to restrict them from getting to this content that can be in any form of media and video games, as well is install parental control program on their computer. This way if they ever mention the topic of restricted content, it will mean that they are onto something and that you need to talk about why they want to find out about that specific thing or go to a specific website. In most cases, they won’t mention it and simply continue to browse online for other content avoiding the forbidden one.
To fully control their online browsing and reaching specific content, you can combine parental control with consulting with your kids. Once they realize why a specific content and actions are harmful they will stay away from it, provided that you explain exactly why it’s bad for them.