The main characteristic of all great websites is not their content quality nor is it their ability to generate revenue. Rather, it’s their ability to attract viewers and captivate their attention.

It’s important to create a website that interacts well with your target market. If you’re a search engine optimization agency, these three WP themes will be a great choice for your website:


SEO Company is a reliable, clever and innovative WordPress theme for suited SEO agencies and digital marketing agencies.

It has a minimal interface that keeps the visitors focused and concentrated on the content without any distractions. It provides a highly readable design that is suitable for all demographics.

This theme can also take pride in being free of any major bugs. This crucial for an SEO agency that values functionality above all other characteristics

With the addition of the Whiteboard feature that allows you to present your content in an innovative and aesthetic fashion, it is no surprise that this Theme is one of the most highly rated themes in the last few years.


This is a theme that excels regarding quality it gives to the website. It gives the website a very professional look that is sure to present you as a highly authoritative agency.

The online template builder tool allows you to make on page customization and improvement that matches your personal preferences. But if you don’t have enough time, you can use one of the 18 fantastic pre-made demos. This will allow you to complete the website design in a matter of minutes.

The theme is also very optimized for handheld devices and offers great browsing experience by eliminating resizing difficulties for your visitors with Smartphones and similar devices.


IF you are looking for a WordPress theme that will provide a great amount of flexibility and that is specifically designed for SEO companies, then SEO WP is a great choice for you. It offers countless page designs, footer layouts, and header styles. It is very easy and straightforward to use as it was intended for everybody, not just the programmers.

The Theme provides a real time customizer which allows you to see the changes as they are created. This tool will boost your creativity and save you lots of time. This theme is relatively cheap, but you can purchase additional plugins at a price.

Another great thing about the theme is that it is updated very often and never stagnates.